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Monday 05/15/2023

I had several things going on today, one of which was to do the post-sale triage and cleanup of my computer section at FOPAL. Ordinarily I would do that after lunch, but there’s more stuff in the afternoon today. So I decided to squeeze that in before the 10:30 Event Coordinators meeting. I zipped down to FOPAL and did my work and was back in plenty of time for the meeting.

Nothing too exciting to report; June is a slightly easier month for AV support than May.

Then at 2 I headed down to set up for the Channing House Choir tech rehearsal, preparing for their concerts on Wednesday. I plan to record those events so I needed to practice the camera moves and understand where the different singers and combos would be standing. Mary the director has planned a complex program supplementing the full choir (about 30 singers) with numbers from the Harmonica club, and from a flute-piano-bongo trio and a flute-violin-cello trio as well as an audience sing-along section. So that took until almost 5pm.

After supper I came back down. Nancy, our classic music impresario, had set up a concert by some local high school kids, a trio of piano, violin and cello, and a string quarter. These kids were very impressive, playing difficult music, Grieg and Mendelssohn and such, and doing it with what sounded to me like professional ability.

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