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I forgot to mention one thing about yesterday. I have been flirting with the idea of a new car for some time. Can’t be bothered to look back and find the references to the Chevy Bolt that I sort of almost bought but didn’t. I still had the Bolt in mind and was thinking I would look again when the ’24 models came out.

Then I found out a couple weeks back, that GM had announced that there wouldn’t be any ’24 Bolts; they were dropping that line of cars. Boy Oh Boy am I glad I didn’t buy one!

But I am still kind of interested in a small, electric car. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any small electric cars, just full sedans and SUVs. Well, the BMW Mini has a BEV but it has very short range. Anyway poking around a Bolt user forum I found mention of the Hyundai Kona. It is a couple inches shorter than the Bolt, supposedly (164in vs 169in). But I would like to see one up close and perhaps sit in it.

So when I left the Shustek center in Milpitas, I went a couple miles north to the big Fremont Auto Mall where there was a Hyundai dealership. I pulled up in front and got out and walked through their front lot. There were a bunch of cars of various models, not all new (no price stickers). I looked in to the showroom and it was completely empty. Just a big open floor, room for maybe six cars to be displayed but nothing to see except shiny floor space. In one corner was a small round table where a sales person was talking to a couple of people, probably customers. Nobody else in sight.

I felt very rejected. No cars to look at, not even a brochure. According to their website they had at least 3 Konas in stock, but where were they? I went away. Not impressed with Hyundai’s marketing.

Friday 05/12/2023

First thing this morning I had a planned visit from a health care person. This is a service included in the new IBM health insurance package. She came equipped with all sorts of stuff. Gave me the routine questions about my health and mental attitude (three words to remember: ball, flag, tree). Took vitals. Checked my A1C, good news, I don’t have diabetes. She was very friendly and competent. I don’t think the visit accomplished anything. If they offer it next year I think I’ll decline.

At 1pm I left for the museum where I led the 2pm public tour. One of the docent trainees who is taking the on-going docent training came along to shadow me. He complimented me afterward, thought it was a great tour. Separately from that, staff member Jesse thanked me for my service and gave me a Starbucks gift card from the Museum. Nice.

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