4.161 docent, shustek

Thursday 05/11/2023

Tidied up the apartment for housekeeping day. Put on my red docent shirt, but packed an ordinary shirt in my shopping bag, and off to give a tour. This was a private tour for what was to be 12 seniors from The Villages, which is a retirement community in south San Jose. In fact there were some dropouts so we were only 8.

As they weren’t pressed for time I gave them the bonus deluxe tour, mentioning the Alto. They seemed pleased.

Then I changed shirts and drove off to the East Bay to join the usual Thursday crew of volunteers for lunch. And then back to the Shustek center to process another box and a half of Sandy Fraser’s papers. This time I was seeing his files of patent applications. He secured a number of patents, allocating most of them to AT&T his employer.

Back home for a quiet supper in my room.

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