4.131 meh

Tuesday 04/11/2023

Did the round of gym machines. Then killed time until time for the writers meeting. I had not written anything this time, so I just applauded my fellow writers.

At 4pm I went up to 11 to check on the AV setup for the Passover dinner. But Rich had gotten there early and set up everything as we had planned last Saturday morning. The setup for this dinner was impressive, tables with seating for about 50 people it looked like, all white table cloths and bud vases and such, and a catering line. Way to go, people.

Way back when they used to do a monthly dinner service on 11, the “Webster Street Grille” it was called; you had to reserve and pay extra. Be nice to bring that back. Currently they are trying to keep the budget down, so probably not right away.

Anyway, that was that for the day. Caught up on some of my DVR’d tv shows.

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