4.130 productive day

Monday 04/10/2023

Well, productive half-day, and half of day of slacking off.

First thing was the monthly Resident Association meeting. I went down early and consulted with David G over some tech issues. He didn’t really have any problems.

Lennie as the newly elected President of the RA, led a brisk meeting. A good time was had by all, by which I mean, there were no arguments and we were out by 10.

Next task was to deal with a tech squad call for Mrs. Gee in assisted living. I’d helped her with her iMac a week or so ago, and she had another problem. When I got there she was able to tell me she had diagnosed the problem herself! It was that her iMac is plugged into a wall outlet which is switched off a light switch by the door. As long as the switch is on, no problem. If it’s off, the iMac is dead. I verified this. Good diagnosing, Mrs. Gee! I stuck my head under her computer desk but couldn’t see any other outlets. It was kind of crowded in there. So I explained the issue to one of the nurses and suggested that she get somebody from facilities to find a better outlet for the computer. For all I know, maybe only the top socket in the dual-socket outlet is switched. Let facilities work it out.

From there I drove to FOPAL and did the post-sale triage of my shelves, sending all the books that had survived four sale days, to the bargain room. Three-plus boxes of them. Then to my surprise there were no incoming computer books to price so I did an hour of sorting, always satisfying.

Chilled the rest of the day. Started to read the monumental history of Watergate that I brought home from Dennis’s book pile. Oh my what a dreary time that was. Haldeman — Erlichman — Kissinger — Deep Throat…

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