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Wednesday 04/12/2023

Went for The Walk in the morning. Then went down to FOPAL using the Palo Alto Link ride-share service, third trial. Figured out some of its confusing restrictions. Although I give it a specific address, what it tells the driver is the nearest street intersection. So when I tell it, “4000 Middlefield Road” it tells the driver, “drop off at Middlefield and Montrose” and all it shows me on the app is “Montrose ave.” Now I have never heard of Montrose Ave. It’s an obscure residential street on the East side of Middlefield, which I’ve never been on, and anyway I’m aiming at the West side of Middlefield. Plus, its intersection with Middlefield is a looooong block South of where I want to go. But at least I understand its quirks. When I went to come back, the best they could offer was a 24-minute pickup time, so I used Lyft again.

Today at 4:30 was our monthly Sixth Floor meeting. The main order of business was to assign tasks for the TGIF party that our floor has to sponsor this month in a week and a half. Other floors lately have been doing themes, and having entertainment. Our theme is “old fashioned TGIF, sit and chat and drink with friends”. No entertainment, no theme. Just snacks and drinks.

At 6:30 I went to prepare for a live event, Steve Chessin from FairVote.com, telling about ranked choice voting. Steve is the guy who checked us out a few weeks ago, to make sure he could use his overhead projector with our system. It was an interesting technical challenge, integrating the overheads with Zoom. I could write several paragraphs about how I made it work, but never mind. I made it work. Yay me.

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