4.129 Easter

Sunday 04/09/2023

So, funny thing. Yesterday Dennis called to say that he was having quite a bit of the family for dinner, Ted, Josh, Denise, Jeffrey etc, and I was invited. And — mind you this actually happened — I said, “Sounds good. What’s the occasion?”

Slight pause and he says, “…Easter?”

Oh. Right! Easter. I’ve heard of that.

Anyway, on Friday I had put in my order for a sack supper. Channing house as they do for all major holidays, was sending the Dining Services crew home right after lunch, and if you wanted to eat Sunday evening you put in your order for a picnic bag. To be picked up before 3pm. So at 2:30 I head out, stopping to pick up my picnic sack, which eventually made it to my refrigerator to serve as lunch tomorrow. Or some time.

Off to San Jose. Been a while since I was down to Dennis’s. So it was a nice afternoon chatting with the relatives. Good supper. Admire the cute toddler and the cute young girls looking for easter eggs. And all the adults seem reasonably healthy and content. Life goes on.

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