4.128 av all day


Well, not all day. At 9:30 met with Kass, Oscar, and Rich and Bert on the 11th floor to work out what mic support they needed for the Passover Supper they are running on Tuesday night. In the course of which one of the wireless handheld mics died. Anyway, worked all that out.

At 1:30 I met with Chuck in the auditorium to help him show his monthly opera. I again printed out a detailed checklist of things to do. I have had the hope the hope that with a little supervision, eventually he would be able to do this quite simple setup alone. But this is the third time we’ve walked through it in detail, and he just isn’t picking it up. It’s like it’s all new to him, well not quite but kinda. So that’s going to be a monthly task.

The opera he had brought this time was La Bohême, a 1977 DVD with Pavoratti. As with the previous operas, I did not stay, but went away after it was safely begun, and came back 90 minutes later to supervise the shutdown. I noticed that this DVD was clearly made for a standard def frame, but our Blu-Ray player had ignored that and was showing it in 16:9. I was thinking, I know Pavoratti is a hefty guy but was he that big in 77? Hey, everybody else is built like a munchkin, too. Oh, it’s a stretched standard-def picture. But none of the audience seemed to care. I guess it’s all about the music. Oh, spoiler, she dies.

I decided to treat myself to an outside supper. Went down to Indochine looking for red curry duck, but at 5pm they weren’t open yet, so continued on South to Armadillo Willy’s for a plate of pulled pork.

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