4.115 docent

Sunday 03/26/2023

Killed time in the morning until 10:45 when I left for the museum. I stopped on the way to buy gasoline. This was the first fill-up since January! Enough of my driving has been on the battery that I averaged over 80mpg for that tank (and that two months). (So why do I want a new car?)

Led a tour of about 9 people — started out as 6 but picked up and lost some on the way. Included Michael, who is going to start the docent training that has just been announced and had an assignment to take a docent tour. I don’t think mine is typical, and also being very well-honed after my having given it for several years, is pretty slick.

Did a little work on the stingray in the afternoon, including putting on the 2nd and 3rd coats of clear spray. The body is just about finished, except for polishing.

Jeff Irish stopped by to try out his slides for his talk Monday. Who the what now? OK, one of my 6th floor neighbors and a good friend is Patty Irish. Her son Jeff, I would guess is in his 50s? (Hmmm, Patty is well into her 80s, so although Jeff looks to my eye about 50-ish, he is probably older.) He settled in Japan many years ago, married a Japanese woman, has two kids just entering adolescence. I wrote about having dinner with Patty and the granddaughter Akane.

Akane came a few days early so she could do shopping for high school stuff, and to give Grandma Patty the chance to shower gifts on her, like a new MacBook. Jeff and the son Rintaro arrived today. Jeff is to give a talk here tomorrow night. Patty has been very concerned about wanting this talk to come off well. She insisted that I do the A/V setup for it. I feel a heavy responsibility. So I was glad to plug his USB stick into the Mac I used for screen media and load the rather long Powerpoint package. It opened just fine in Keynote on the Mac, we paged through it, and I saved it on the hard drive and give him the stick back. We talked about what microphones we use etc, and he seemed reassured that this was going to go alright.

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