4.114 fopal, tech, play


Since the day was uncommitted on my calendar, except for a play at 8pm, and since Janette, who runs the FOPAL crew had put out a call for more sorters because of several large donations, I went down to FOPAL early, about 9, and worked a couple of hours.

After lunch I took a tech squad call to Jean W., and failed. Mac Mail on her Macbook showed no contents in either the junk or spam folders, but Mail on her iPhone did show stuff. Why? I poked around and confessed to being stumped.

I worked a bit on the stingray. It progresses.

At 7:15 I drove down to the Pear theater to see their production of Richard II. I did not stay after intermission. They were doing the script right, had all the lines with good understanding and expression. Several of their lines drew laughs from a part of the audience over on the other side (it’s done in the round), although I didn’t get the joke Must have been somebody’s relatives. Anyway, it’s just not an interesting play to me, and I couldn’t see sitting through another hour.

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