4.116 fopal, model, tech

Monday 03/27/2023

Went for the standard walk. Then drove down to FOPAL where for the first time in my memory, there were no, zero, boxes of computer books waiting to be priced. The sorters have been working through a couple of big donations, but apparently the donors were not computer people even a little bit. So I sorted for a couple of hours.

Worked on the stingray, putting the final coat of gloss clear on the body. Here it is.

And here is an example of detail work. Can you guess what this object, about 1/4-inch on a side, is? It’s the coolant overflow bottle obviously. I painted it ivory-white (the only off-white I had) to make it look like plastic, then painted gloss black on the bracket and the cap. Then dug out a bottle of yellow-green which was the same paint I used on the 1953 Chevy which was the first model I did, back in 2020. Painted that around the bottom half to make it look like it is half full of coolant.

At 6pm I went down and set up for Jeff Irish’s talk, and was all set by 6:30 which was an hour early. But finally it was time, and the whole event went off very nicely indeed. No glitches. 20 people on zoom, about 80 or 90 in the room. Now I am basking in the glow of a successful A/V event.

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