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Friday 03/24/2023

Went for the walk this morning, it was fine. Spent a few hours setting up my new gallery. Took down the display of New Zealand mountains that had been there for a couple of months. Printed, framed and put up 10 action shots of SWBB players over the years. It took a few hours over the last few days to go through my archives and select the cream, about 30 shots worth printing. The criteria: well composed, convey a clear story, and are real suspended action, with people’s feet off the ground. OK, like this,

Candice Wiggins grabs a rebound

Eight, mostly like that, printed on 11×14 or 11×17 paper. So I’ll leave those up for a couple of months at least. Actually there are another eight that are as good, maybe I will gradually rotate some others through.

Pam has been having problems installing a new HP printer. I had taken a look and been baffled. I couldn’t figure out how, using its little tiny LCD screen, to get past its “please install HP Smart software to complete setup” and get into the settings and learn its MAC address, which we need to let it use our network. Bert said he could, so the two of us met at Pam’s unit and Bert cracked it. I’m not sure what he actually did, but he got to the settings, and after half an hour we had it working.

At 2pm it was time for the monthly meeting of the A/V team. I had us meet in the Training room where I could easily put my laptop on the big screen on the wall, and we went over the interface to zoom for our hybrid meetings, talking especially about recording meetings in the cloud and then transferring them to Vimeo.

Had supper with the Allens and Lenny. Did a little on the stingray after.

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