4.112 yosemite

Thursday 03/23/2023

Spent the day at the Yosemite warehouse of CHM. Helped to clean up and put away a number of artifacts that were brought out for a researcher. Bringing things out for her had caused Aurora (curator) to notice two boxes in which there were dozens of items stored in manila folders, but the artifact object id numbers weren’t written on the folders, so I did that.

I wanted to look something up about an object in the database. Using the laptop provided for volunteer use, I logged in to Windows with my assigned volunteer id and password. That worked. Then the database was acting flaky, as it often does, so I rebooted the laptop. When I went to log in to Windows again, it said my password was incorrect. And that was that, I couldn’t get to the database to check anything about the objects I was documenting. At lunch, Greta (other curator at the Shustek center) said she had not been able to get anything done all morning due to computer problems, either. The CHM systems are a bit of a mess sometimes.

Aurora’s main concern was that, in recent heavy rains, a roof drain in one corner of the giant warehouse had blocked up, and rain pooled on the roof, and began leaking down onto a corner of the pallet racking, soaking several boxes of stored objects. So a couple dozen things were spread out on tables being dried, inspected, and repacked.

Maybe the computer and network problems were due to water, also.

Total side-track:

  • pallet: a wooden platform used for storing and moving goods or freight
  • pallette: a flat board used by an artist to hold and mix paints, or the selection of colors on such a board
  • palate: the roof of the mouth, or the sense of taste

English is tough stuff.

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