4.111 laundry, hobbies, socializing

Wednesday 03/22/2023

First activity today was the laundry. Every other Wednesday my pile of tighty whities hits bottom and I know it’s time. This time I had to run three loads: the usual whites-with-bleach, shirts and socks, and then my bathrobe. The one I sit around in every morning for an hour or more, sipping coffee. It had started to smell just a bit. I like to wash it every couple of years whether it needs it or not, and it did.

Worked on some hobbies, a little bit on the stingray, more on pictures. From 2007 through about 2017, I was trying to take decent action pics of the SWBB players. I have quite a lot of these images on the computer, all nicely organized in folders, games within years, like 2012/2012-10-15 USC and so forth. It took a few hours to flip through all of them and pull out 20 or so really striking shots. I plan to print off maybe 8 or 9 to put on my outside gallery shelves.

At 4:30 I went down and set up a mic on a stand in the dining room, for use by the committee who put on a monthly Birthday Dinner.

At 5 we had a sixth floor meeting mostly to discuss our upcoming responsibility: the April TGIF party. Each floor is supposed to host a TGIF, in turn by months. Actually we were supposed to do one in December but that was when our current Covid outbreak started and it was canceled. So all that was accomplished today was to form a committee, which I am not on thank goodness.

Then at 5:45 Patty and her granddaughter who is visiting her, drove to Mike’s in Midtown for supper. Patty’s son Jeff married a Japanese woman and lives in Japan. The daughter, Akane, is 13, very pleasant and poised. Her father and brother will arrive on Sunday.

Back by 7, I went in to put away the Birthday mic, but David M had already picked it up. He was doing AV for tonight’s lecture. Unfortunately he had run into a problem with the overhead camera operated by the Zoom Room software. He went looking for me but I was out. Fortunately he had found David G. who fixed the camera problem by… wait for it… unplugging the cable and plugging it back in. That’s what I call tech support.

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