4.101 sunday

Sunday 03/12/2023

Ran down to FOPAL to tidy my shelves for the 2nd day of the sale weekend. Drove there through fairly heavy rain as one of a series of showers passed over.

Attended to an A/V issue. Jan, who runs the hearing support group, emailed that he wants their next meeting to be zoom-only, owing to the current Covid outbreak. Ian, who was scheduled to do A/V for that meeting, is not an experienced zoom host. So I had to get hold of Jan, to find out if he has a presenter, and if they will show slides, and such, and talked to Ian about running a zoom meeting. Back and forth. Managing.

Did a little work on the ‘vette, mainly, putting what is supposed to be chrome paint on the frames of just the little triangular vent windows. Not at all happy with the result.

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