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Saturday 03/11/2023

This is the last day of normal time; tomorrow we spring forward. Wait, didn’t we vote…? Yeah we did, California passed a proposition in 2018 by a huge majority to go to permanent Daylight Savings, better known as Mountain Standard Time. Unfortunately actually doing so requires federal legislation. The House never acted.

Last year, the Sunshine Protection Act, sponsored by a bipartisan group of senators that includes eight Democrats and 10 Republicans, would have made daylight savings time permanent year-round across the country. It passed the Senate, but the House didn’t act. So we spring forward once again.

I have for years used the change of clocks to also change other things. When we “fell back” I put my poofy Japanese duvet on my bed. Today I took it off, and remade the bed using my beige blanket and a crocheted throw for color. I also rotated the mattress.

Starting tomorrow I will say a fond farewell to my large supply of turtleneck shirts which I’ve been wearing every day since “fall back”, and start rotating through my equally large supply of short sleeve polos.

Later in the morning I sprayed the sting ray with what I think is its final color coat. Next on the body, I darken the door cracks and apply chrome to the window surrounds, and any other little body trim bits. Then it gets about 3 coats of clear, and when that has hardened a couple of days, it gets polished.

I also spent a couple of hours moving parts of the Damned Novel around. I had about 5 separate files with pieces of fiction and chunks of background and synopsis and stuff. I got it all organized as one file of fiction, and one file of meta-text, synopsis, background etc.

At 1:30 I met with Lou and with Steve, who will be giving a talk in April, and wanted to be sure that his preferred medium, an overhead projector, would work in our auditorium. I resisted the urge to say “the eighties called, they want their overheads back.” It turns out, it works quite well. Set up on a card table below the stage, it nicely fills the center of our big projection screen.

Then it was time to help Chuck H set up to show his monthly opera DVD. This was a 2006 production by the Metropolitan Opera of The Magic Flute. I was in and out, it didn’t keep my interest and I wanted to work on my novel, but the costumes of this looked as fancy and complicated as The Lion King.

Supper time I wasn’t feeling the CH menu, and had a yen for some noodles. Gombei in Menlo Park, where we went several times a year for bowls of udon, has closed permanently. But there’s a Japanese noodle place, YaYoi, just a few blocks away and I went there. Very modern. Seat yourself, order off an iPad, food comes. It was good.

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