4.102 fan, meeting, fopal, model

Monday 03/13/2023

Today was the day scheduled for my living room air handler to be repaired. What? This is a grille in the ceiling that distributes warm or cool air. It has a fan that had begun to make a tiny little squeak, like a very small mouse a long way off. Today the facilities guys came to replace the fan motor. It took them a couple of hours from 8:30.

Meanwhile it was time for the Resident Association meeting at 9, this month zoom only on account of covid cases.

I thought I mentioned, but don’t see, that a tech issue is pending. It has been a year since we bought our own zoom account for the A/V team. We’ve used it a lot but rarely has zoom attendance topped 50 people. The renewal notice mentioned that we will pay $800 for the large-meeting extension, allowing more than 100 attendees. So there was a question, should I renew that part of it, or just the $150 regular account? Well, today, the zoom-only RA meeting topped out at 113 participants. So that answers that question. As long as the Covid is around, causing occasional shut-downs, we need the extension.

Following that I went down to FOPAL and did the usual post-sale work: look at every book on the shelf, and any that had gone unsold through 4 sale weekends, either lower the price, or send to the bargain room. That, plus pricing another couple of boxes, took two hours.

Lazed around the apartment for the afternoon. Did a little work on the ‘vette. This is putting chrome surrounds on windows. There are two basic ways. You can paint on “chrome” paint. This is not satisfactory for a couple of reasons. The paint doesn’t really have a chrome shine, and it is just about impossible, for me anyway, to paint a straight narrow line.

So the other method is metal foil. I’ve tried proper metal foil such as is used by artisans embossing foil into book covers and such. It is incredibly thin and very hard to work with. Although I may give it another go. However the third route is Bare Metal, it’s a heavier foil that is easier to work with. Here’s me putting some Bare Metal around the windshield frame.

Cut a 3/16 strip, peel from backing, and place in position
Emboss and burnish
into details with toothpick or fingernail
Trim with tip of a new very sharp X-acto blade
Take deep breath, cut next piece. Note blobby look of vent-window, which is painted chrome.

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