4.098 double docent

Thursday 03/09/2023

Did the gym machine round.

Main activity today was that I had signed up to do two docent tours at the Museum. Normally I sign up for one, either the noon or the 2pm. This time I signed up for both.

First tour was just a single family, mom dad and 3 kids, roughly 15,12 and 8. Very nice people. Said they were in a hurry so I edited myself to cut the tour down, and managed to finish under 40 minutes. They’ll never know all the good stuff I left out.

For the 2pm tour there were about 15 people, and they were very appreciative. One guy accosted me as I was leaving the building, and complimented the tour, asking if it had ever been video’d, it ought to be recorded. My goodness. What would be the point?

In Covid news, our little outbreak keeps breaking out. One of my 6th floor neighbors has it, I know because I walk past her place and yesterday it sprouted a red dot on the nametag. Then today came an email from another sixth floor person, just the subject “Oh no I have a red dot”.

Remember when I had a red dot? I forget when it was … oh yes, June 21, day 2.177. I had one day of fever but never tested positive for Covid.

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