4.097 laundry, not much else

Wednesday 03/08/2023

Did the laundry. Sprayed the first coat of blue on the Corvette body. That was about it.

Well, I studied up on the stage light system in our auditorium. I found out several things about it that I had not known.

In the evening I attended a lecture, via Zoom because I want to avoid the Covid Cooties when possible. Except I had to go down to the auditorium early anyway, because David M. called for help. He was getting audio feedback, which is a frequent problem, and couldn’t find it. Soon after I got there he found the problem by himself. So back to my room.

The lecture was about Dr. Russel Van Arsdale Lee, the founder of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and of Channing House. He founded PAMF in 1930, and started promoting the idea of Channing House after retiring in 1960. Several current residents either worked under him as doctors, or alongside his sons who were also doctors, including Larry Basso. A couple of other residents were treated by him or his sons, or worked at PAMF in other capacities during his tenure. So there were lots of anecdotes. Lee was apparently a visionary but also a strong-willed character with some notable quirks.

Oddly enough, there’s no wikipedia page about him. Here’s a page about him:


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