2.177 red-dotted

Wednesday 06/02/2021

So when I got up my temp was 98.3, half a degree above normal. I took a very modest walk of 1 mile, after which I was ready for a nap. About 11am my temp was 99.3, a gen-yoo-ine fever reading. I started my laundry, and when around 1pm when it was nearly finished, I was at 100.2.

At this point, rather belatedly, I decided the right thing to do was to report in to the wellness center and maybe get a fast COVID test.

Valentina took my vitals, I was now at 100.3 on their thermometer (which means my little battery powered one is spot-on) and decided that they should red-dot me. That means, quarantine in your room. They place a red dot on your nametag outside your door. Then, no going out for any reason. Fortunately I had not gone to the dining room for breakfast or lunch.

She swabbed me for the fast COVID test, and while we waited 15 minutes for the result, I emailed Ann to ask if she had any symptoms. A while later she responded that she had no symptoms and felt fine, and gave lots of advice for dealing with a fever.

Valentina escorted me back to my room (I guess to make sure I didn’t socialize on the way?), picking up my last dryer load on the way. And here I am until my temp drops. They bring your meals on a cart, just like last year.

This is all extremely annoying, because I bought a 4-person pod of seats for the NCAA Baseball Regional which starts Friday. If my temp is down tomorrow, I may be able to go. But if not, Valentina said they would give me a PCR test Friday (when all the staff get one) and keep me red-dotted through Saturday until the test results come back.

One more chore I had to do in the afternoon: distribute the tickets for the Pod to my Pod-mates who had bought in: Patty, Prudence, and Martha. Stanford is all about e-tickets, so I had received “tickets” that were links that, when clicked on the iPhone, stowed the ticket image in y Apple Wallet. Stanford has an athletic ticket app which is supposed to support transferring tickets to other people. Of bleepin’ course it didn’t work. But when I emailed them, the answer was kind of blindingly obvious. To transfer a ticket to someone else: just display the one ticket in your wallet; take a screen shot (home button + power button); email the screen shot to your recipient. Because, bottom line, all that matters, all that lets you in to the stadium, is the little QR code on the ticket image. And you can display that from an email as well as from the Wallet.

So I tediously made 12 screen shots of seats 1, 2 and 3 for games 1, 2, 3, and 4, emailing each to one of my partners. That takes us through Saturday. I’ll work on Sunday and Monday’s game tomorrow.

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