4.096 memory, writers

Tuesday 03/07/2023

Did the gym round in the morning. Then tackled what had become quite a list of things I’d been putting off doing. Most of them got crossed off by the end of the day.

The writers meeting at 10:45-12 was entertaining. The prompt was, “precious things”. I didn’t write anything this time, but there were nice short essays on a favorite fringed-leather skirt, a necklace bought in a market int Yazd, Iran, and a very large teddy bear — the latter with photos of the bear doing his daily activities. Cute.

One of the put-off things was to read a document that Scott had passed along, about the using a debit card supplied as part of the IBM pension/health benefit. I had a blurry memory of getting that, except that it was mixed in my mind with the very similar California State debit card that I wrote about a few weeks ago (Day 4.071).

I took a casual look through the file folders in my desk, then wrote to Scott saying, I didn’t get one of these IBM debit cards. He wrote back to say, you did and you wrote about it. No I didn’t. Yes you did, he said, and pointed to Day 4.03. Oh! Look, a lengthy discussion about calling IBM pension support and getting info on this debit card. Well, shit. I went back to my desk and quickly turned up the exact IBM debit card, attached to a sheet with my notes on how to use it. (It can be used to pay for prescription drugs and dental care, mostly.)

Until I was looking at the blog post, I’d have sworn there was no such card. This doesn’t say good things about my brain.

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