4.071 shoes, ct scan, state money

Friday 02/10/2023

Took a shorter than usual walk, wearing the new shoes. They definitely cause some change in my walking mechanics which I feel in my left hip. I think it will eventually be alright, but it just goes to show how a small change in footwear can affect things.

At 10 I drove to the Stanford Medicine clinic on Sherman ave. for a “gated CT with contrast”. “Gated” means, they put heart sensors on your chest, so that the computer can time the pictures to your heart rate, presumably so it can get a proper exposure without blur. “Contrast” means, they put an IV in your arm, and at a certain point they squirt in a shot of a liquid that shows up on the scan so they get a good image of your arteries. You know exactly when they push that button because you feel a wave of heat in certain places and a metallic taste on the back of your tongue.

When they let me go, I had a couple hours to kill before my appointment with Dr. Watkins, my thoracic surgeon from back then. Back then was fall 2020, by the way. That appointment was at the main Stanford hospital. While walking through the halls there, I noticed there was an office for the Stanford Credit Union. Oh hey, I have been meaning to talk to them. I’ve been carrying around this stupid debit card sent out by the State with some free money. And no real place to spend it. I meant to go to SFCU and have them cash it out, but they closed the office I normally go to, for remodeling. But, here was another

So I went in and the charming lass behind the counter said, sure, they could cash that card out, except they had to know what the balance was first. I had no idea. She advised calling the customer service number on the back. So I did that and yes, it was worth $250.

Then it was time to talk to the surgeon, which I was looking forward to, I like her, but in fact she’s working from home due to illness (they didn’t say Covid but I bet it is). So I got her report second-hand from a nursing assistant. Everything looks great, the part of my aorta that was expanding on prior images has stabilized. One-year call-back. Go in peace.

On the way down from their office I stopped at the SFCU office and charming lass now could take the card and charge it for $250 and deposit that in my checking account.

Late in the day I prepared a detailed check-list for showing a DVD in the auditorium. I will use this while training Chuck who wants to show operas every second Saturday.

I listened to a nice Friday Live concert from SFJazz. This was the first time I used the screen-sharing ability of my new TV. No need for a cable. Just pull down the little screen share icon in the menu bar of the MacBook and select the TV. Boom, the laptop screen and sound are on the TV.

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