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Sunday 02/12/2023

Did the usual Sunday morning thing, watering the plants and such. I’m not watering the begonias, it is almost time to cut them back and I want them to start dropping leaves.

I ran down to FOPAL to tidy my shelves after the first day of the sale. Somebody bought a couple of very old books I had out on display, which I didn’t think would ever move. Old like 1956 and 1968.

Then I finished printing up my set of pictures of New Zealand mountains and arranged them on my hall gallery shelf.

At 1pm I joined Lois, Mildred and Carol to car-pool in Lois’s Prius down to the Pear theater. The play was Frankenstein Unbound, written or workshopped by its cast and Sinjin Jones, the artistic director. Not a success, in the car pool’s opinion. Frankenstein’s monster pursues him across multiple generations and centuries, ending in intergalactic space.

Back home watched the Stanford women demolish ASU. It used to be, the trip to Tempe was always a challenge, but that was in the day of long-time coach Charli Turner-Thorne, now retired. This was the second game in a row where Stanford was able to romp, winning by 30 or more. Maybe they are that good after all.

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