4.074 meeting, fopal

Monday 02/13/2023

No walk today because the Resident Association meeting starts at 9, and I wanted to be in the auditorium at 8, to see how David G was getting on with setting up. Not well, he had a lot of feedback issues. I stood back as he got the IT staff guys involved and they managed to sort it out, the meeting starting only 5 minutes late. But damn, “there’s always something.”

No astounding news at the meeting except Rhonda officially said, there would be no coffee bar installed in the lobby after all. This is an amenity I’ve been promoting for a long time. But however, the staff estimates that for supplies and dining staff maintenance, it’s $36,000 a year. Or $100/day as somebody pointed out at the meeting. And with inflation yadda yadda… Just the same I am disappointed.

Then down to FOPAL where I aged-out two boxes of books that had seen four sale weekends, and processed a couple of boxes of new donations.

Back home for what I meant to be a relaxing afternoon, but in fact although I did get a half-hour nap, there was a lot of emailing to do to various people and little shit to take care of.

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