4.072 event

Saturday 02/11/2023

First up, I decide to once more walk to Zoe’s coffee in Menlo Park. It’s an ok place, not stunning. Anyway, 3+ miles for the day. I went there particularly because it had rained in the night, and I knew it had inside seating. In the end, though, I didn’t care for the dark and crowded interior and their outside tables were all dry, so I sat outside.

I printed some pictures for my hall gallery. I’ve decided to print up pictures of two of the mountains of New Zealand, Taranaki and Aoraki. We have some nice shots of both.

That brought me to 1pm, time to head down to the auditorium. Another resident, Chuck, wants to show a series of operas, every 2nd Saturday. I don’t want to have yet another A/V event to run so I convinced him that he could run the equipment. Today I was training him.

I had worked up a very detailed checklist of everything he needed to do, and I walked him through it. Of course “there’s always something” is our motto, and today “something” was that when we tried to connect the Blu-Ray player to the big projector, the image flickered. OK, plan B. That was to use the old DVD player. Fortunately all his operas are on DVD.

The opera came off just fine for an audience of maybe 30 people? I bailed out for the middle two hours of it. Really don’t like opera.

Had dinner with Patty and the Allens.

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