4.070 shustek

Thursday 02/09/2023

Sometime in the last 48 hours, all the hummingbirds have vanished. I was refilling the feeders twice a day, and then for the last month, once a day, and suddenly, no birds. I guess they’ve all headed out to Arizona.

Felt less than 100% this morning but after tidying the apartment, went across the bay to Shustek as scheduled. I was assigned to the fun activity of packing. There are four shelves of artifacts that have been cataloged and photographed, and now need to be packed into storage boxes for shipping to the Yosemite warehouse. It’s fun, and I packed three boxes, making little custom trays and stuff.

However it was standing on my feet the whole time, and about 2 I felt distinctly under the weather, plus back pain. So I bailed early at 2pm. Back home, after a nap, I felt pretty much normal.

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