4.065 docent, play

Saturday 02/04/2023

At noon I led a tour at the museum. Odd one. I started with a few people, but picked up people as I went along until I had over 20, then they mostly fell away and I ended with five. Well, that’s five that were really interested.

Had supper with Patty and Sue and Edie. Then at 7:15, off to a play at the Bus Barn. This was Picasso at the Lapin Agile, a surreal comedy by Steve Martin. It’s an impressionistic, eclectic, fantasy about what might go on if Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso happened into the same café in Paris one night in 1904, when both were about age 26 and just coming into their best years. It had some jokes, there were some people in the rows behind me who laughed a lot although I didn’t. The actors worked hard but there was some mis-casting, Picasso especially didn’t have the strength of personality needed for his lines.

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