4.064 tech and more tech

Friday 02/03/2023

It was raining so I didn’t want to go for a walk outside, so I went down to the gym and walked 2 miles on the treadmill (at 3mph, 40 minutes).

At 11 I had scheduled three of my AV team to meet me in the Training Room to practice sharing a screen with the Zoom Room. I had worked this out on prior days, but three other people managed to find glitches in the process, of course. One surprise was, that Peter particularly wanted to show a Netflix video to a group in the Conference room. But it turns out, the Netflix app on a Mac, knows when you are sharing its window with Zoom, and shows only a black screen.

At 12 I went to set up for the 1pm rehearsal of the Sock Hop. This went very well, I had my MacBook putting sound out to the room, and simultaneously video to a big TV 30 feet away (using the magic of Zoom Room again). The music comprises 23 songs, some with video, some with just lyrics on a black screen. Because I had set “chapter” markers at each song, I could use the keyboard to jump ahead to the next song, or back to repeat a number. All the singers sang. The organizers thought the whole thing ran too long, and may cut a couple of songs. But generally it all went well. Which was a big relief.

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