4.066 soggy sunday

Sunday 02/05/2023

What a slug I am. I only left my room once today, to eat lunch.

In the morning I remembered that when I was talking to the financial guys, Bob, who is semi-retired but was our main advisor since we started with them a couple decades ago, was reminiscing about the travel blogs that Marian and I did, and Patrick, the younger dude, asked, purely out of politeness I suppose, to see some of them. Well I hadn’t looked at our blogs of New Zealand, Germany, France, and Scandinavia in some time. Did they even still exist? Turns out they do, and I found those four and sent the links to Bob to share as he wishes.

But that led to looking at the blogs, and then starting to read them… end result, I spent at least 4 hours today reading those old travelogues, from 2005, 2009, 2012 and 2014. Three of them. I got sick of it before I could read the fourth.

The other thing was to watch SWBB as the Cardinal took on the Huskies in Seattle and — got beat. It was close, the game was tied with 2 minutes to go; but they couldn’t close the deal and lost by 5. My personal opinion on this team is, despite them having a few superb talents, they aren’t the complete machine they need to be and should be by this point in the season. They are definitely over-rated at #2 nationally, and I predict they won’t make it past the Elite Eight in the post-season. And it is not a sure bet they can win the PAC12 tournament.

That’s it. Sitting around like a slug, reading my own writing.

(Oh, why “soggy”? It was raining this morning, but that isn’t it. Somehow Marian and I used “sog” as a verb for just unstructured and undisciplined time. “We just sogged around all afternoon.”)

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