4.053 tech, fopal, po’d

Monday 01/23/2023

Went for a walk. Picked up a med.

Having some problem with my left foot, where the big toe has for years been turning inward, and finally is starting to irritate the second toe. So I put in a request for a podiatrist appointment at PAMF. Also scheduled a service appointment for the Prius, because it’s due and it looks like I’m keeping it.

Met Bert in the auditorium. He wanted to try some new mics. His barbershop group is performing here on Thursday and they want to use these cute little invisible mics that wrap around your ear and lie on your cheek. But when we plug one into one of the transmitters for our regular wireless lapel mics, they feed back. Funny thing is, they act like there is automatic gain control: if you talk into the mic, it sounds ok, but when you stop talking it its amplification comes way up and it feeds back. But there’s no AGC built in to the transmitter or the sound board, and the mic itself is just a wisp of wire. Odd.

Went down to FOPAL and processed a ton of books, took 2 and a half hours.

Came home, napped, forgot all about Rhonda’s open meeting at 4pm. Again. Even though I had made a specific note of it in my calendar.

Feeling very down on everything. I do not want to buy a new car. I do not want to travel! I don’t want to go into an airport, I don’t want to get on an airplane, I don’t give a flying fuck about any foreign scenery. I’ve seen mountains. I’ve seen Paris and London and Aukland and Sydney and Honolulu. People keep asking me where I’m going next. Probably to the bathroom, and later to bed. Fuck off.

I got hold of the draft events calendar for February (I’d had to miss the Event Coordinator’s meeting last Monday), and filled in my A/V events spreadsheet with scheduled events. One, there are 16 events in February that need some kind of A/V support. Yes, more than one every 2 days. Two, of those, 10, TEN, have never been booked the proper way, by the sponsor filing an Event Planning Form, which is what people are supposed to do if their event will need setup or support by facilities, housekeeping (e.g. chairs arranged, piano moved) — or A/V. We find out about them second hand. And I am not happy about that. Oh hey let’s just schedule a lecture for the auditorium and zoom, the A/V folks will show up, they always do.

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