4.052 unbolted, swbb

Sunday 01/22/2023

After breakfast and watering the plants, I collected the pink slip for the car and my checkbook, stowed the Prius charging cable in its trunk, and went and had the car washed. So it was all pretty and ready to be traded in for a maximum amount. Then off to Boardwalk Chevrolet for an 11am meeting.

It turned out that “Jenny” with whom I had exchanged emails and texts, no longer worked there. But another nice young person, David, had taken up my interest. Yesterday he had texted the availability of the Bolt I was interested in, a red 2LT trim level with adaptive cruise and infotainment package. Today he showed me the red ones in stock. Unfortunately, that one had been sold around noon yesterday! There was another 2LT with the right options but it was boring silver colored.

So with a little regret, but actually some relief, I thanked him and left. He promised to contact me if or when another appropriate Bolt shows up. I felt relief because I am actually quite conflicted about whether to make this switch. The Prius is in such good shape, and with my driving habits gets such good mileage (since last fill-up: 175 miles at 75mpg), that it’s really hard to show where there is is $25K value (net cost after trade-in), for me, in a new car.

Anyway I was back to CH in time to pick up my basketball car-pool of 1, Martha. Lenny had opted for a concert today; Patty had ridden the CH bus to the ballet; and David G. rode his bike.

Stanford had no problem with Colorado today, taking a double-digit lead early and holding it all the way. The 49ers also had a win, but I didn’t watch. I sped through the recording in 5 minutes to see what happened is all.

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