4.054 tech, managing, car

Tuesday 01/24/2023

First thing was to take the car to Toyota for service. I had booked it for 8am. Why did I do that? I could just as easioy have booked it for 9. So I ended up having to rush my morning routine. Whatever. To summarize, they found one of the tire pressure senders had failed, hence the persistent low-pressure warning light. This they charged $250 to fix, $125 for the part. Seems a bit steep. Let’s say they had to take the tire off the wheel to replace the sensor (which I believe is incorporated in the valve stem?). Also they had to sync the new sender with the computer. So that’s an hour of book time. But I bet the part could be found for less than $125. Yeah, I see them on Amazon as low as $15. Oh but here’s the real thing on Toyota’s website, $95.

Anyway, what was most shocking was the condition of the dealership. This is Magnussen Toyota of Palo Alto, a major dealership. The service department was busy, but the sales part was like a desert. There were no cars of any kind in the showroom. The big parking area around the front where cars for sale should be, was more than half empty asphalt. Very few new cars, about as many used. No sign of the 2023 Prius or any other current model. Is this dealership dying?

Back at the shop I took a tech call, trying to help Gigi who had been sent a video through ShareFile.com but when she downloaded it, it was 0 bytes. Obviously problem with at the sender end. When friend sent it again, it was again 0 bytes. My assumption is, friend is incompetent. Didn’t say that. Wasn’t able to help.

Writers meeting. I had nothing. Some interesting contributions from others.

Second tech call more successful. Connie had a problem with Dropbox and a problem printing. I was able to resolve both in short order. She claimed several other people had been unable to fix either. No comment. Anyway I’m a hero.

Did A/V managing, trying to schedule a meeting, and also loading scheduled events into the zoom room robots.

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