4.051 meeting, tech, book, ev?

Saturday 01/21/2023

First up was a quick meeting of the nom. com. at which we got an immediate refusal from our next candidate for VP. After she left, we agreed on the next three names to ask. Lois, the committee chair, will ask them. Starting with my across the hall neighbor Linda.

I went out on an errand run. Groceries, and CVS to try to get some prescriptions straightened out.

I took a tech squad call to a person with some problems with Mac Mail.

A few days ago I was reminiscing about two photo books that I supervised the making of, back in ’10 and ’11. These were made at Blurb.com, where they still reside (one and the other). They were rather nice if I do say so; I edited the books together using photos taken by other fans at Maples. I lost my only copies of them just after moving to Channing House (loaned them to someone who lost them).

So, checking on them and seeing they were still alive in cyber-land, I ordered a new copy of each. It didn’t occur to me that (duh!) Blurb would have my old 2340 Tasso address. It took a couple of weeks to print and ship the books then today I got an email saying, there’s a problem with your shipment. The tracking number, via UPS, revealed the problem. UPS had handed the package of to USPS for delivery, and my USPS mail forwarding had expired. So they “returned” it as of today. But returned it to whom? To UPS? Or to the sender? UPS was no help. The USPS station in Palo Alto is only open weekdays. But Blurb customer service actually responded! And I think it may get straightened out.

Next I noticed a text from Jenny, my contact at Boardwalk Chevrolet. “My” red Bolt is now in stock. So I am going to see her, and it, tomorrow morning at 11. I may actually have bought a new car by this time tomorrow.

The timing is a little awkward, since I must be back here by 1pm to drive another person to the SWBB game. But if I can nail down that red Bolt with all the luxe options, I don’t need to take delivery tomorrow. I just don’t want the one and only to be sold out from under me.

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