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Friday 01/20/2023

Busy day today. First thing, 9am, met with Ian in the auditorium. He has an event at 11 and wants to plug a laptop in to the projector. Said it only worked with the stage HDMI jack. Showed him the jack on the AV desk worked fine at least with my Mac.

At 10 I was to see Marlys. She has a new iMac to replace one just like mine, a 2014 one. She was scared of transferring all her data, thought it was very complicated, Bert had told her to go to Apple, blah blah. I checked and showed her, she has a nice little external backup drive, and a current backup. We pulled that off the old iMac, stuck it on the new one. Booted up. It asks, what language shall I speak? What time zone are we in? What wifi should I connect to? And then, How do you want to transfer data, from a backup drive? Yes pleze. OK, would that be … this one? It shows the icon for the backup drive. Uh huh. OK, I’ll start transferring, and it does. It is that simple. Bert is a Windows guy and has no idea.

At that point we confirmed that her backup file is almost 1TB, and the new iMac has only 1TB storage. So she agreed she would pack up the new one, take it back, kiss the shoes of the Apple people, and pay for one with the 2TB storage option. But at least, after she does, she knows it will be really simple to initialize it.

Now it was time to change to my red docent shirt and go lead the noon tour at CHM. This turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. Attendance was light, and nobody wanted a tour, except one guy. A 20-something English bloke, over here on holiday but wanting to work in Silicon Valley. So I led a tour for one guy. We just walked around and chatted.

Back home, take off the red shirt, time for a meeting of the Nominating Committee. Our #2 choice for RA VP turned us down. So time to pick a #3. Inconclusive discussion, I guess we narrowed the list to two names.

Quick nap, then time to put on a Stanford sweatshirt and my red fedora and off to a SWBB game, against Utah. Expected the team to play well after the rather humiliating loss to USC. Utah is ranked #8 and played like it, very tough defense. Stanford started off slow, down 2-10 right away, then came back to hold a slim lead through most of the game and won by 10.

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