4.045 new tv, event, swbb

Sunday 01/15/2023

Usual Sunday morning. Later in the day I found two good things about the new TV.

First, I had been disappointed that my MacBook doesn’t like to connect to it using an HDMI cable. This is a problem that computer has had with every HDMI I’ve tried it with, but I hoped it would be better with the new TV. Not so. Then I realized, duh! the new TV supports Apple Airplay. In about 30 seconds I had the Macbook mirrored on the TV screen, over the wi-fi. No cable needed, and no issues with picture or sound.

Second I found a different picture setting. The image had been very clear but just a touch too bright, some highlights burned a little. “Expert – Dark Room” setting corrects that. Rich colors, and that bit of glare has disappeared.

At 3 I went down to set up for an event. Jim Eaton talking about the early years at HP. He worked in the HP Labs in the 70s and 80s, saw the beginning of the HP calculators and other integrated circuit revolutions.

This was a live+zoom presentation. I used the three-page checklist I had created a while back. Everything set up fine and the event went off without a hitch. Jim’s talk was interesting. I had dinner with Stew and Kathy and Jim after.

Then up to watch the recording of SWBB at USC. They started horribly slow, scored only 4 points in the first quarter. Their defense was good; USC only scored 11, which would be a good defensive result if you had any offense to go with it. Stanford trailed by 3-7 points all the way and finally lost by 10. The first time USC had beaten Stanford since 2014.

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