4.046 comcast, meeting, fopal

Monday 01/16/2023

The big event today was that this was the first day of the big conversion of all Comcast boxes in the building to new X1 DVR boxes. There’s a long back-story here. In short, the contract between CH and Comcast, which covered very basic TV service for all units, expired in September. CH now has negotiated a new contract, under which all units will get a good selection of HD channels, and a new DVR box and new remote in every unit. Realizing this was going to be difficult, the first group of people to be converted were volunteers including the Tech Squad members and a few other adventurous types. Today was the day.

Like several others, I already had an X1 DVR, the old style X1 box and remote. On the schedule I was supposed to be serviced before noon, but of course things didn’t go like that. As of 10:30, Craig encountered the two installer guys in the lobby, waiting for their supervisor. They had problems with the first couple of installation. So I spent the morning waiting around for a cable installer.

At 2pm I had to go to a meeting of the Nominating committee, who are supposed to pick the people to fill three spots on the Resident Association executive committee, two members at large and a vice-president. The at-large job is super easy, just attend a meeting every month for two years. And, greatly simplifying the committee’s work, it turned out two people had already volunteered to be nominated for those spots.

The VP job is a little more of a commitment, since the VP is pretty much expected, after two years, to become the President for another two. Not required, but. Anyway, we agreed on our first and second choices for VP and will approach that person next week.

Back at my room at 2:20 and the Comcast guy showed up at 2:30. And was done and out by 2:50. Mine was a super easy install, since I had cleaned up all the wiring behind the media cabinet while installing the new TV. All he had to do was swap one black box for another, boot it up, and sync the new remote with the box and my new TV.

As soon as he was gone, I could finally head out to FOPAL to clean up my section after the weekend sale. I looked at every book and sent three boxes of books that had sat through four sales, to the bargain room. To my pleased surprise, there were only like ten books waiting to be priced. So I was back home again by 5.

During the day a facilities guy came by to collect the packing material from the new TV. He wouldn’t take the old TV, though. They don’t dispose of electronics, and he couldn’t accept a working device anyway. Give it to the gift shop was his advice, so I contacted Mary Beth who runs the gift shop. She said to put the TV in her 3rd-floor furniture showroom and send her a picture so she could advertise it.

Which I did about 7pm, getting a cart from the lobby, transporting the TV, and putting the cart back. Now I need to send her the picture.

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