4.044 docent, new tv

Saturday 01/14/2023

Today I led a tour at the Museum. About 25 people, who seemed interested. One young woman went out of her way to tell me she really enjoyed it. Nice.

From there I went to Best Buy and spent a bit of money buying a new, 55-inch, LG OLED TV. The clerk was worried it wouldn’t fit in the Prius. Ha Ha, I said. It fit with a foot to spare. Brought it home, used a grocery cart to wheel it up to my room, and spent from 3 to 5pm installing it.

It works pretty good. It is “smart” in that it has a built-in OS with all the functionality of a Roku, i.e. I can stream from our interrnet on any streaming source I have a subscription for, which is currently, only Amazon Prime. Lots of people around here do Netflix and Disney and Hulu. I can have 3 months of Apple+ for free with the new TV and I might activate that just to see.

Anyway I was pleased that the installation, including attaching the base, connecting all the cables, getting it on the house wi-fi, and so on, all went quite smoothly. I approve of the user interface that LG provides, it is far far simpler and more intuitive than the current Samsung TVs.

Had dinner with Patty Connie and Marianne. Nice.

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