4.043 meetings, SWBB

Friday 01/13/2023

Heavy rain in the morning so no walk. At 10am I met with Stew and Jim to rehearse for Jim’s Sunday @ Home presentation this Sunday. He’s a bit nervous about it. But everything appears to work. We agreed to meet at 3pm Sunday to be sure to have plenty of time to get ready for the 4:30pm talk.

Jim will talk about his years in the 60s and 70s at the HP labs, in the dawn of the IC industry. He mentioned in passing to me that he thinks his personal collection is the largest collection of HP memorabilia, since the HP official archives were lost in a fire. So I mentioned CHM, and later emailed Dag, the curator about him.

At 3pm I was slated to meet Reni, the currently only actual fitness person on staff, in the gym, to address some complaints I had about the new machines. So feeling the lack of exercise, at 2pm I went down and spent most of the hour on the cyber cycle and the treadmill.

Reni is of south asian extraction, about 4 foot five and bouncy. She showed me a number of features of the new machines that I had not been aware of.

Dinner with Dr. Margaret, Sandy, Joanne T, and Gwen. Very pleasant.

8pm up to 11 to run the SWBB game vs. UCLA on the big TV. Six people showed up. The Cardinal started slow. The game was tied at the half, and still very close after three quarters. Then in the fourth, Stanford just stifled UCLA, who didn’t score for 8 minutes while Stanford took a 15-point lead to win.

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