4.042 more passwords, meeting, no trip, TV

Thursday 01/12/2023

Went down to the gym and the stupid aduction machine overstretched by hips, so it was sore walking later, and the other machine wouldn’t recognize my ID card. Grump. Tried to take a walk after but cut it short for hip discomfort.

Spent a couple of hours deleting LastPass and installing DashLane into all my browsers. It seems to work well. All the passwords transferred over fine. It turned the LastPass credit card records into “secure notes” instead of recognizing them as credit cards, but that was easy to fix manually. So generally that conversion went smoothly.

At 2:30 there was the major Zoom meeting, led by Gerald of IT, to introduce the new TV remote and talk about the schedule for converting every apartment to a new Comcast box and remote. The crowd was a bit cranky (change is never popular) but Gerald dealt with us with great patience.

Right in the middle of the meeting I had a call from “unknown caller” so I didn’t take it, but later looked at the voice mail. It was from Road Scholar, telling me that my planned Spanish Art tour in mid-April — the one that I had put a deposit on — the one that just sent me an email reminding me it would soon be time to pay the full balance on — that trip? Was canceled “due to lower enrollment”. They “hoped” to get me re-booked on a later one, call them back. I did but got a recording saying their small dedicated team of re-booking specialists — they apparently have a whole department for this — was busy, leave a message, they’d call me back.

I spent a few minutes wondering if I wanted to go back to planning my own trip, like I had started to do. No, not really. It was turning into a bunch of work. I’ll just ride with it and see what Road Scholar comes up with.

I spent time shopping for TVs. My TV is fairly old. How old is it, Johnny? Well I happen to still have the old Home Inventory that Marian created back when, showing all the possessions and their original purchase date and price. And, oh my goodness, the TV dates to 2011. I’m surprised it’s even in color, at that age. Anyway, it has started to have these little spells when the image flickers rapidly. So I have selected my next TV and I may just go buy it tomorrow or Saturday. It’s a 55″ LG with an OLED display. So about 10% bigger, more pixels, etc.

Not a Samsung! The current one is a Samsung, and it did well for us. However lately I have helped a couple of other people with their new Samsung TVs and My God is the Samsung user interface bad. Awful, just awful. So overcomplicated and unintuitive.

Took myself out to supper at Mike’s in Midtown.

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