4.041 laundry, meeting, passwords, meeting

Wednesday 01/11/2023

Major event today was to participate in a marketing meeting, held to let interested people know about CH. This zoom session was promoted in the print brochure that was mailed locally a couple of weeks ago. (I linked to this brochure on day 4.027.)

There were four of us “typical residents” in the conference room, made into a panel of talking heads by the Zoom Room software. Me, Carol, and Sue and Kieth. There were a total of 42 attendees at the peak, so at least 35 outsiders. It went nicely.

We were to be there at 10:45 sharp so I had to start my laundry early and barely got it all done by 10:30.

In the afternoon I spent another 90 minutes going through the many entries in the exported LastPass vault, all of the sites I’ve registered a password at over the last decade, and deleted about half. Probably 20 that I use regularly, and another 75 or so where I said, ohhhh… maybe… someday I might want to go back there, and left them in. Next job is to install a new password manager.

At 4:45 it was time for the monthly 6th floor meeting, which is always fun to see all my floor neighbors. Then we went down to dinner. Socializing. It’s good for me.

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