4.025 boxing day

Monday 12/26/2022

Busy morning. I took another look at my media center instruction pamphlet and decided I needed to verify the instructions for connecting a computer to the big screen, and capture a small detail about that. So off to 11 to do that and–it didn’t work. Connected my new (newish? It’s a year old now I guess) M1 Macbook Pro to the HDMI cable. The Mac knew it was connected to an external screen, I could see it adjust its screen geometry. But the TV just said “No Signal”. Tried lots of things, needing two trips back to my room and one to the auditorium to get parts to swap. No dice. Finally swapped the only remaining part, the computer. My older MacBook Pro worked just fine! So there is a problem with the new Mac hardware connecting to an HDMI port. Actually I think I’ve seen similar issues connecting it to the auditorium projector.

Anyway, I got the details I needed and sent the PDF of the edited intructions off to my team, asking them to beta-test it in their free time.

Then off to FOPAL where I processed 4 boxes of books. Bought something for lunch at Peet’s coffee, and back to CH to change into my Docent shirt. Down to CHM to lead a tour. The museum was busy on Boxing Day, and I had about 35 people at the start of the tour, and still 30 at the end. I’ve been tinkering with my presentation and tried some changes on people. It seemed to work.

The Allens called and invited me to join them for dinner. So that was nice.

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