4.024 quiet xmas

Sunday 12/25/2022

Sunday morning, and the usual task of watering the plants didn’t need to be done. Owing I guess to chilly weather, all the plants showed up as “wet” on my moisture probe.

Talked to Dennis and later to Laurel.

Spent an hour finishing a to-do list task, moving all the photos that I had pushed into a to-be-sorted folder, into the folders where they belonged. Or deleting them, because now on second thought, they weren’t worth keeping. Big check-off from the list!

Spent half an hour revisiting an old computer game, Vendetta Online. (https://www.vendetta-online.com/h/help.html) I first played it, according to my account settings, in 2007! A few years ago they moved to a “freemium” model, where you can play for free at basic levels, which are quite extensive, but can pay a small sum for extra privileges or whatever. And they have extended it to every platform under the sun including VR glasses and mobile devices. I have only played it on a large desktop screen. I can’t imagine what it would be like to play on a phone.

Anyway it is clear my muscles have forgotten all of my space piloting skills. Maybe I’ll try to relearn them.

CH provided a festive lunch, with wine & fancy appetizers to start, an entree choice of flank steak or baked cod, and an array of fancy dessert bites.

After a nap I decided to do something productive. The 11th floor media center has been changed quite a bit and the instruction sheet that Bert put up there a couple years ago is far out of date. So I went up and took a lot of pictures and prepared a new, 6-page instruction sheet for how to show broadcast TV, Roku TV, DVD, or computer output on the big screen. I almost sent the compiled PDF to my AV crew and then thought, nah, this wouldn’t look right on Christmas. I’ll send it out tomorrow. See? I’ve got social skillz.

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