4.023 tech, walk, dinner

Saturday 12/24/2022

Yesterday, as I failed to note, after the game I drove over to Home depot and bought a large and some small plastic organizer boxes. This morning I went down and tidied and organized the A/V cabinet. This is a large wooden cabinet kept in the stage right wing of the auditorium. It contains A/V related stuff shoved in there by at least a decade, probably more, of A/V volunteers.

I sorted out a basket of cables into HDMI-related cables, and audio-related cables. I moved some things around and generally got it sorted.

At 11 I met with Patty in the lobby and we took a Lyft down to the Baylands. There was a “king tide” i.e. a maximal high tide at noon. We walked the full route, from the south end at San Antonio, to the north end at Bixbee park. Along part of the route you could see that the water level of the open bay was at least 4 feet higher than the water level of the inner slough, which is gated by a weir that was closed, I don’t know why. But it wasn’t really very dramatic.

Had dinner with Edie, talking mostly about various travels. Her late husband was an avid fisherman and they traveled to fish famous streams. Marian and I traveled to see eclipses.

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