4.022 jean, swbb, tech

Friday 12/23/2022

After a morning walk, I sat down to try out the package of genealogical info that Jean wants to give to all her relatives. And it doesn’t work. The reason is, what she wants to pass on is a “family file” managed by the fairly well-known genealogy app, Reunion. People who get this package won’t have Reunion, so she’s included a copy of the app on the thumb-drive. Unfortunately when you launch it, Reunion looks around for a license, which costs $99. When you don’t have one, it runs in “demo mode”, and in demo mode it won’t open a family file with more than 50 people in it. Jean’s laboriously constructed family file probably contains a couple of hundred names, and Reunion in demo mode just won’t open it.

I made a couple of suggestions to her on what she can do, and she has my sympathy.

At 11 it was time to leave for a SWBB game. This was the first game of the PAC-12 season, and it was against Cal. In the carpool we were all complaining about the weird scheduling. Why would they start the season, and in particular against Cal, at a time when there are no students on campus? The audience was quite small. The team played well and won by 25.

At 5pm I helped neighbor Mary set up her mac to show slides on the big rolling TV to dinner guests. Then I sat down for dinner with Patty.

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