4.021 docent, jean

Thursday 12/22/2022

Did the gym. Tidied the apartment. At 10:30 I drove to the museum where I was one of three docents for a custom tour of 35 STEM students from Australia/New Zealand. I don’t think I connected too well, although I tried to. Of my group of 11, 5 stuck with me pretty close and the rest wandered off.

From there I went down to visit Jean to help advise on a problem she has. She has collected a mass of genealogical info on her extended family, which she wants to hand off to some of the younger generation. Her problem is the data is held in an app called Reunion. In order to read it, you need Reunion. So can she put a copy of the app along with the data on a thumb drive? Yes, but then can anybody who gets it, read it? I took the thumb drive home and will look at it tomorrow.

Ate dinner in the dining room, first time in a while.

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