4.020 glasses, tech, meeting

Wednesday 12/21/2022

Winter solstice, shortest day, days will be getting longer. Went for a walk first thing, nominal.

Before the walk, while reading the paper, I somehow pushed my new glasses sideways and the right nose pad popped off of its little holder. Leaving a sharp metal bracket pressing into my tender flesh. I tried reinstalling it but it popped right out again. So I protected my nose with a small bandaid and went for my walk. But right after, I drove down to Costco and in about ten minutes was out with a new nose pad installed. Stopped for some groceries and back home.

Next up should have been the monthly zoom meeting of FOPAL section managers, but here came an email saying it was not going to happen, happy holidays see you next year.

So instead I did some more tidying up of the AV equipment. In the course of cleaning up on the 11th floor I had found two home-made DVDs, “Variety 2012” and “Revue 2013”. These proved to be videos of two variety performances by CH people, in those years. The one from 2012 is pretty crude, poor sound quality and the camera was just locked-off, no pan or zoom. But the one from 2013 is near-pro quality with good sound, good camera work, and a very polished presentation of the skits and musical numbers.

Anyway I’ve ripped the videos back to computer files and tomorrow will share them with some people who might be interested. I’m not sure what should become of them.

At 3:30 I met with the committee that is planning the 50’s dance party for February. I was mostly an observer. They were working to settle on 30 songs. There are so many more good songs from the 50s than just 30. They had a tough time. My only interest was, what AV would they require, and how much prep do I have to do, given they want sing along lyrics etc.

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