4.014 shustek

Thursday 12/15/2022

Off to the Shustek center to catalog artifacts. First time in months. Gretta, the archivist, is back from giving birth, well she has been back since August, but this is the first time I’d seen her since spring. There were three of us, me, Dave Bennett, and Steve Madsen, three IBM retirees.

Gretta assigned Bennett and Madsen to work together cataloging. At first I was going to do photography, but there were new problems with saving pictures that she needed the house IT staff to fix. So I was put to cataloging alone. I cataloged a complete New Internet Computer donated by someone who worked at that short-lived company. It was in effect, the Chromebook of its day: a cheap PC that couldn’t run anything but a web browser (Netscape Navigator!). Per the Wiki article I linked, it didn’t sell, and Larry Ellison took a financial bath on it.

We ate lunch at a tacqueria and I had a big lunch, so dinner was just an open-face PBJ in my room. Tomorrow I had signed up for a group walk in the Baylands, but it has been canceled due to Covid. So my tomorrow is open. I have things to do.

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