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Friday 12/16/2022

Went for a walk. Unfortunately the gout had come back in the night so I had to keep it shorter, still 2.7 miles for the day. Foot feels normal again now.

Stew the unstoppable organizer is working on a big event, a 50s dance party, for February, and has dragged me into it for AV support, specifically sound and for some songs, sing-along lyric sheets. I was thinking about this and it seemed like the right tool for the job was iMovie because with it, I can show lyrics in time with the audio of a song, or show actual videos, etc.

So I went to work seeing what I could put together by way of a demo, and in a couple of hours I had put together a rough demo which I shared at this link. (Note to the future, that link won’t work forever, I’ll delete that file soon.)

Between 3 and 5 I went up to 11 and cleaned up most of the wiring behind the media cabinet. Besides a receiver and a giant TV, there’s a blu-ray player, a Roku, a Chromecast, and a Comcast box and a wireless mic receiver. And wiring for left, right, center and surround and subwoofer speakers. Tidied it up a lot and properly labeled everything with removable, readable plastic labels. Replacing some completely unreadable masking-tape labels done who knows how long ago by who knows who.

Didn’t feel hungry so canceled my tentative plan to go out to a restaurant. At all my meals in my room, hand-made sandwiches. Not scared of Covid. Well I better not be because tomorrow I’m going be a docent and then go to a play.

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