4.013 laundry, plague

Wednesday 12/14/2022

Did the laundry. Tried to work with my new IBM health coverage, but could not. The problem is, for another 2 weeks I am covered by an AARP policy also administered by United Health Care. Every time I try to sign in, it sends me to that account. I talked to a support person who said, call back after 12/16, when support for the IBM policy should be better.’

I don’t really care, except that I would like to set up payment by EFT. I have received the first bill for the new coverage, pay by check, or sign in to the website to set up EFT. United already taps my SFCU account via EFT for the old policy. One would think they could continue to do that for the new one, but no, it’s a different system.

Did the laundry. Went out to a grocery store for paper towels and bleach.

Gouty foot much better, thank you. Almost normal by evening.

Looked at slide show options. I’m still thinking about making a slide show of the London Bridges pics, for the CH “Sundays @ Home” series. But it would be a lot of work trying to do a proper Ken Burns style show. I might do something simpler, no pan/zoom, just click click click with narration.

In the evening email, we have 4 new positives for a total of 22 active cases in the Tower. That would just about 10% of the population! Me, I’m just fine. Ate supper in the dining room. Maybe 20 people there, and service was much quicker than normal. (Silver linings.)

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