4.012 charities, meeting, gout, plague

Tuesday 12/13/2022

In the morning I found that Charity Navigator was behaving itself so I did my annual donations, about $5,000 spread across a list of 25 or so outfits. One more big X-off from the to-do list. Saved the report of donations as a PDF in a brand new folder under Taxes, “tax info 2022”. Now I can start thinking about taxes. Bleagh.

I remembered one more London bridge, the Millenium Footbridge, which of course didn’t exist in 1977, but did when we were back there in 2003. I found we did have a good picture of it and I printed that up and added it to the gallery in the hall.

That left an hour before the writers meeting so I hastily threw together a few paragraphs. The theme was “childhood pleasures” and I wrote about cap guns. I was kind of surprised how many chuckles it got and how people liked it.

After lunch I went up to the 11th floor and really checked out all the equipment. More works than I thought, but still some problems. I wrote an email to the tech group about what I found. I also ordered some stuff or labeling and organizing cables. When it comes I am going to clean up the back side of the media cabinet which is a mess now.

I’ve been having gout running around my toes for the past few days. First it was the 2nd toe on the right, now it’s the big toe on the left. I tried going for a walk this afternoon and had to curtail it to a 4-block loop. But the toe is already improving this evening. This shit comes and goes.

Channing House has pretty well shut down. There are 18 “active” cases in the Tower, none in the Lee Center. Besides the 18, there are some others, I don’t known how many but it must be more than 10, who are in isolation because of exposure. They have to stay isolated until they’ve tested negative some number of times. It looks as if the center of the spread was the chorus, who rehearsed together a couple times last week. Several people with covid are members of the chorus. Or as somebody posted to the bulletin board after another person announced they had it, “Oh no, now it’s the altos.”

The number of people actually eating in the dining room is (I am told) greatly reduced, with lots ordering take-out. Like me. I had a sandwich for lunch, and had my dinner as take-out. I think tomorrow, though, I am going to go out.

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